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Curriculum Overview

Here at Westwood Infant and Nursery School we pride ourselves on conducting a fun and engaging curriculum that is accessible and inclusive to all children. We have a whole school Topic based approach to Teaching that provides a broad and balanced curriculum. 


Below is our Topic Cycle. 




Our English Lead is Mrs Armstrong


Across the school we follow 'Talk For Writing' which supports children within their reading and writing development.

We also use 'Letters and Sounds' for our phonics teaching which supports children's understanding of sounds. If you would like any further support with supporting your child at home with phonics please speak with a member of staff. 

Writing at Westwood

Reading at Westwood



Our Music Lead is Daniel Heald


Music exploration is thoroughly enjoyed by all children across the school and led by our music co-ordinator Daniel. Each Tuesday morning children explore musical instruments, a variety of genres of music and various musical composers. Children also explore music online using 'Purple Mash.'

Music at Westwood

Physical Education


Our P.E Lead is Daniel Heald


Each Tuesday morning children from Nursery through to Year Two take part in a P.E session with Luke, learning various alternative sports including Archery and Fencing.

Each Tuesday afternoon children take part in a P.E session with Daniel. Daniel's sessions focus on Gymnastics, movement, dance and outdoor sports.


During the Spring term children in Reception, Year One and Year Two also participate in a 16 week swimming block to develop water skills. 


We offer an after school PE club with Daniel each Tuesday. This is a free club for children to attend to enjoy physical activities.

PE at Westwood



Our History and Geography Lead is Mrs Armstrong


Where possible our History and Geography teaching build upon child knowledge, therefore our teaching consists of exploring local surroundings and exploring the history of Westwood. We  incorporate educational visits and visitors into school to provide children with a broad range of experiences. 



Our Science Lead is Miss Spencer


Science is taught through practical experiments and investigations. We believe children learn most when they are curious and have the opportunities for hands on learning. 



Our Mathematics Lead is Miss Woodcock


As a whole school we follow 'White Rose Maths' scheme. This incorporates lots of problem solving and reasoning skills. We also use Numicon to ensure all children are able to access the curriculum through the use of resources. 

Maths at Westwood



Our ICT Lead is Miss Woodcock


ICT is taught across the curriculum. Children access a range of ICT including laptops, ipads, cameras, Interactive White Boards and also Beebots/Bluebots. 

PSHE/Well Being 


Our PSHE Lead is Mrs Armstrong


Regular circle times and discussion groups contribute to well being and ensuring that children feel safe, confident and happy within school. As a school we take part in Well-Being Wednesday each week to provide opportunities for discussion, reflection and calming activities including mindfulness and yoga.



Art and Design


Our Art and Design Lead is Miss Spencer


Art and Design is taught across the curriculum with a high importance on Art and Mindfulness during our Well Being Wednesday each week.

We also offer Art After School Club each Wednesday and Thursday.

Religious Education


Our Religious Education Lead is Miss Woodcock


Religious Education is taught across school throughout each day. Children are encouraged to share their opinions, beliefs and values with one another. Children are also taught to show mutual respect and appreciation of others.

Weekly assemblies with Mr Leary focus on morals and respect for others.

For our end of year results, over the past three years, please click on the document below. 

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