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Reception and Year One

Hello and Welcome to the  Reception and Year One Page!



Hello and welcome to the Reception and Year 1 Class Page. We are really looking forward to working with the children this year and supporting them in their learning journey as they progress through the year. 

We have carefully planned our topics to capture children's interests and have included lots of opportunities for experiential learning. Alongside this, our environment supports children's natural curiosity and enables them to take some ownership of their learning. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything then please do not hesitate to contact us either via the School Office, email or phone. 


We are really looking forward to working with you this year.

Miss Spencer and Jackie 


Happy Easter 

Happy Mothers Day ðŸŒļ 


We have been planting beans this week. We have been talking about what we need to do to help them grow and will create a bean diary to observe their growth. ðŸŒą 


We have been learning all about repeating patterns in reception this week 👍

World book day 2022


Chicks ðŸĨ 

This week we had a special delivery ðŸĨš 

We learnt about different animals that laid eggs and wondered what might hatch. After waiting and watching carefully we saw 10 healthy chicks hatch. We’ve been painting pictures , writing  facts and labelling this week ðŸĢ 


This week in ICT we have been learning all about commands . Some of us recorded our commands we gave to the bee-bot. 

Greens Windmill 10.2.22

Greens Windmill Part 2

Greens Windmill - baking breading

We all enjoyed a super day out at Greens Windmill and we made some bread whilst we were there. 

Writing a sentence together

In phonics the reception children composed a sentence together. They were able to read it back and pick out different words . 

Super reading and writing Reception ! ⭐ïļ 

Chinese New Year - Food tasting ðŸœ 

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year and really enjoyed tasting Chinese food. 

Reception Maths

Our reception children have been super busy this week finding different ways to make the number 7 and counting objects accurately to match to a numeral. Some children then moved onto recording their work. 

Animal experience

We've had a very special visit from Kristan and her animals this week. Some of us were feeling rather brave and held a beetle , snake, tarantula and a bearded dragon. 
Kristan told us lots of facts about reptiles, amphibians and mammals and we learnt new words such as herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. 


This half term we have been learning about The Weather such as weather conditions and seasons. 
This week we watched weather forecasts on the interactive whiteboard and used the symbols on our maps to create our own forecasts. We also used the tablets to record these. Here are some of the words we learnt and used during the session:

- forecast


- overcast

- frosty 

- North, South, East , West 


This week Katie (one of our Governors)  came in to do some planting with us. We planted some bulbs ready for Spring. 🌞 ðŸŠī 

Chickens 🐓 

We have been making chickens using newspaper and applying the skills we were taught when we created our class ‘Fine prize cow’ with Tan. First we made the shape by making newspaper parcels and added tape to keep it in place. We then cut out tissue paper to make the  feathers on the wings. 


We had a special visit from an artist / sculpture called Tan. He showed us some techniques to create animals using boxes , newspaper, sticks and tape. 
Together we made the fine prize cow from the story ‘What the ladybird heard’. We learnt some interesting facts about newspaper and tested its strength- it was much stronger than we anticipated it to be! We all worked so hard and collaboratively ⭐ïļ 

Year 1 Maths

The year 1 children have been using the maths resources to partition numbers and see the place value of each digit.  


The reception children have been working really hard in Phonics this week! We have been learning to independently write CVC words and to read and write words with ‘zz’ , ‘qu’ and ‘ch’. 

Sticker charts 

Here are some more of our reception and year 1 superstars who have filled their sticker chart ⭐ïļ well done everyone ⭐ïļ 


We have been learning how to use the watercolour paints and created winter pictures ❄ïļ 

Ice ðŸ§Š 

We have been outside exploring the weather again and found lots of ice! 


We have been learning to counting backwards this week and we recognised the numbers were getting smaller. 
We have also been playing a number game and comparing who has more/less. 

Noisy Nativity 2021 🎄 


Lots of writing
We have been super busy this week writing about the naughty bus and his adventures.  We have also been independently writing our lists and letters to Santa 🎅 

Christmas Jumper Day 2021


Paramedic visit 

The children enjoyed a lovely visit today from Phil who works as a paramedic. He spoke to the children about everything he does as part of his job role and  they had the opportunity to ask him lots of questions and share their experiences. 🚑 

All about me

Guy and Gerald the Giraffe came for a visit to talk to us about our bodies and how to stay healthy. We found out about some of our vital organs and how important it is to exercise, brush our teeth, have plenty of sleep and eat healthy food.  

Sticker charts 

We are working so hard at school, look how many of us have filled our sticker charts already ⭐ïļ 

Snow â„ïļ 

The children have had a fantastic afternoon out in the snow! They were using lots of vocabulary to describe how the snow looks and feels and were problem solving to find ways to crack the ice. 
We had some in depth discussions about which animals like the cold weather, particularly the snow and ice , and we were talking about how to stay warm during the winter. 

Digital Art 

We have been learning how to use tools on a paint program and have created our own pieces, some in the style of the famous artist ‘Mondrian’. 

We love Maths! 
This week our maths area has been very busy. We’ve been counting , adding , recording, ordering and making patterns during our independent learning time. 


People who help us

This week we have been learning all about people who help us. We have been using the dressing up clothes to develop imaginary play have produced some amazing independent writing! 

Children in need 2021

Today we donated money to the Children in need charity to have a non uniform day. We did lots of activities around children in need and being kind to each other. 

Anti-Bullying week 2021

We kicked off anti-bullying week by coming to school in odd socks ðŸ§Ķ 

Jackson Pollock 

We have been learning all about an artist called Jackson Pollock. We had a good look at his work and talked about what we liked about it . 
We then went on to create our own pieces of work in his style .

Poppy making

We made our very own poppies to wear during the day to remember the soldiers 


We have been learning all about staying safe on Bonfire night this week and sharing our experiences during carpet time. During independent learning the children wanted to make fireworks and together they came up with a design. They each created their own firework by rolling paper and found different ways to attach resources and stick things together.  ðŸŽ† 

This week we have been learning all about Diwali, The Festival of Light. 
We created some Rangoli patterns using different shapes, had our hands decorated with mehndi patterns and dressed up in Sari style dresses using the material in school. We then acted out the story of Rama and Sita in our independent learning and created Diva lamps using clay ðŸĨŧ 🊔 

The Creation Story

This week we have been learning all about the story of Creation. We listened to the story and answered some ‘I wonder’ questions such as ‘I wonder why God created humans last’ and ‘I wonder what you would create first’. We discussed which part of the story we liked the best and how it made us feel and then said a prayer to thank God for our wonderful world. After that we painted pictures and used the props to retell the creation story  ðŸŒŽ 

Exploring technology

We have been exploring the equipment in our classroom and are becoming really independent when using the tablets. We are able to  independently access age appropriate games using QR codes , take photos, record videos and play our videos back. 


Look how independent we are pouring our own paint! 

We have been working really hard in Phonics this week. We have been finding initial sounds and putting sounds together to make words. 

Observational Drawing 

The children have carefully looked at shape and colour to draw what they can see. They’ve done a brilliant job and we can’t wait to see them displayed in our classroom! 

Practising our scissor skills ✂ïļ 

Outdoor Learning
Teamwork, Collaboration, Interaction, Problem solving, Balance and Coordination! 

Colour mixing

Our visit to St Marys Church 


We had an interest in boats so we used the Internet to find out all about them. We then designed and made our boats in the workshop before testing to see whether or not they would float.