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Reception have lots of fun learning through practical activities throughout our structured school days. Mrs Armstrong and Lynsey work with your children to cover a selection of different lessons throughout the day. We take lots of pride in their hard work when it comes to learning and like to share these with you all! If you have any questions or would like to know more then please feel free to come and see us. smiley

Mrs Armstrong and Lynsey

Week beginning 22nd February 2021
We have had a busy week here in Reception Class.  We are preparing for World Book Day next week and have lots of activities planned.  This week we have been looking at missing numbers in a number line, using the vocabulary more and less.  Our cutting skills are getting better as we have been creating pictures (and cutting them out) of animals and their babies.  We are enjoying reading books by Julia Donaldson at the end of the day and are really looking forward to welcoming the rest of the class back on Monday 8th March.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

On Friday 12th February the Reception children celebrated Chinese New Year.  We listened to the story about the animals taking part in a race to become part of the New Year.  This year is the Year of the Ox.  


The children enjoyed making Chinese lanterns and also did some counting with Chinese numbers.  We had a great time tasting egg fried rice, prawn crackers and fortune cookies.  The children loved reading the messages inside the cookies - I wonder if they will come true?

Week Beginning 8th February 2021

We have had a very busy week in the last week of this half term.  The children have been taking part in a science investigation.  We predicted what would happen when we added water to the Skittles and talked about how the rainbow was created.  The children loved seeing the water change colour and form rainbow patterns.


In maths we have been looking at one more and have extended our learning to two more.  To do this we have used number lines to help us.  We have also been revisiting our knowledge of 2D shapes and their properties.


We have finished our Jack and the Beanstalk story and are looking forward to our next unit of work after half term.  


Even though it is not Pancake Day just yet, we didn't let this stop us!  We decided to celebrate Pancake Day early with some yummy pancakes and delicious toppings.  As you can see from our photos, we really enjoyed eating them - empty plates all round!



Week Beginning 1st February 2021

We have been talking about healthy eating this week.  The children have enjoyed making fruit skewers.  We talked about food preparation and the children chose their own fruit.


We have also been investigating different digraphs in phonics this week.  We have revisited oa, ee, oo and ai.  The children are making great progress at using their sound buttons to sound out the different words!


In maths we have been looking at pattern.  The children have been making repeating patterns using paint.

Week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

We have had another busy week in Reception Class.  In PE we have been concentrating on balance in our gym classes.  We have used balance balls and beams to help us.  Some pieces of apparatus were trickier than others!


Our focus phonemes this week have been oo (as in moon and look).  We are looking at the differences between the two sounds and have been writing words containing both digraphs.


In our maths work we have been ordering numbers to 20 and matching numbers with their corresponding objects.  We are getting really clever at figuring out number bonds to 5 and some of us are even working on number bonds to 10!  Our maths fluency is improving all the time.


We have made some Evil Peas who are busy tormenting our superheroes in our classroom display.  You might spot some familiar faces among our superheroes!

Week Beginning Monday 18th January 2021

Another busy week for us.  We have enjoyed creating our superhero display this week - the children loved seeing their faces on real-life superheroes.  We made up names for each picture and thought about what superpowers they might have.


We have been working hard learning the digraphs ai, ee and oa this week in phonics.  We are getting really good at sounding out and adding our sound buttons.  Our recognition of tricky words is also improving all the time!


We are looking forward to creating some Evil Pea pictures - photos will follow next week!

Week Beginning Monday 11th January 2021


This week we have been reading our new book 'Supertato Veggies Assemble'.  We have been talking about our very own superheroes - we chose family members, people in the community and some of us identified a famous person as being one of our superheroes.

In maths we have been working on the number 5 and looking at number bonds up to and beyond 5.  We have been matching numbers on our Tens Frame and have been using Numicon to make numbers in different ways.  The children have loved using their individual pots of PlayDoh to make different creations!

Our Westwood Class Supermarket is also open - the children are enjoying doing their shopping and working together to make sure that the shop runs smoothly!

Spring Half Term 1 - Week Beginning Monday 4th January 2021


Happy New Year! This week we have been measuring.  The children have been learning the language bigger/taller and shorter/smaller. We have enjoyed our new role play area which is now a shop.  Lots of goodies to buy and some super maths work being involved when counting change.  In phonics we have been learning the digraphs ee and ai.  The children have been blending and segmenting phonemes to read and write words containing these sounds.

We have created a Kindness Rainbow this week.  The children in school have collaborated to create a beautiful rainbow with their handprints.  It will take pride of place on our classroom wall - photos to follow!

Getting ready for the Christmas Holidays


We have been really busy making Christmas cards and crafts to celebrate the forthcoming holiday.  We made candy cane cards using our maths knowledge of repeating patterns - the children did a fabulous job! 

The Reception children have had a brilliant first term and we are incredibly proud of their progress and efforts.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas jumper day

The Reception children are busy getting ready for Christmas.  We have done some super writing about Christmas and are working hard on our Christmas cards.  Our Naughty Bus book is finished!  It is fabulous. We are enjoying reading it in independent time and looking at the brilliant writing. 

In number work this week we have been looking at measuring.  We have measured classroom objects and have used the words 'longer' and 'shorter' in our language.  We have also been looking at different ways to make the number nine.  Some of us can find two small numbers to make nine, others have been looking at using three!

We have also enjoyed playing outdoors this week and getting some fresh air!

The first week of December and things are getting even busier!  We are continuing with our Transport topic and the children have made some great transport figures using Lego.  This week we are going to be talking about people who help us and looking at the sorts of transport they use in their jobs.  We are also going to be creating transport figures using junk modelling materials.

In maths we have been learning about sharing.  The children have really enjoyed sharing different numbers of sweets (then eating them of course!).  We were really impressed with their use of the word 'equal' when sharing the sweets with their friend.

The beginning of December sees us starting our new book - one of Mrs Armstong's favourites - "The Jolly Christmas Postman".  We will be doing lots of work on this over the next week, pictures to follow.

We have had a really busy week in Reception this week!  In our number work we have been investigating different ways to make numbers to ten.  We have finished our Naughty Bus book and have made our own - photos to follow!  Continuing with our transport topic, we have been making vehicles and other modes of transport with Lego.  In PE the children have loved learning archery with Mark and dance with Daniel.  A great week - well done everyone!

This week in Reception class we have been looking at different ways to make the number 6.  We also have been investigating one more.  We used our bus to help us identify numbers that are one more - some of us even used a number line to 20!


In line with our topic on Transport we made and tested parachutes - they floated really well.  We have also been reciting a different nursery rhyme every day to celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week.  

Anti Bullying Week


This week has been Anti Bullying Week.  The children (and staff) came to school in odd socks on Monday to celebrate the fact that we are all different.  We have been talking about being kind to each other and the qualities of a good friend.

Anti Bullying Week

Lest We Forget


On Monday 9th November the Reception and Key Stage 1 children walked to Jacksdale War Memorial to lay poppies and remember the soldiers who gave their lives.  


Remembrance Day



We have had a very busy start to the second half term.  In Maths we have been investigating numbers to 10.  Some of us can identify what one more than a given number is. 


Following the firework theme this week the children have been creating some brilliant firework pictures using cardboard rolls and paint.  We also added lots of glitter to make them extra sparkly!  The children have been creating rockets using a wide variety of 2D shapes and have enjoyed using the construction to make fireworks of varying shapes and sizes.


Miss Cokkinos has been teaching us some sign language this week.  We have started the alphabet and now know how to sign the letters to L. We will be continuing this in the coming weeks and are hoping to be able to sign our names soon.


We are looking forward to making our poppies and will be learning about Remembrance Day ready for our walk on Monday.



We are learning to sign!

A Very Busy Week!

Fantastic Fireworks!

Autumn Half Term 2


We hope that you have had a wonderful half term despite the rainy weather!  We are moving our topic focus this half term to Transport and have some great activities planned.


Our first book is a big secret (we will have a big reveal next week!) but our second book will be the wonderful 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' which we can't wait to share with you.  We will also be looking at different methods of transport as well as investigating how things move and work.


In Maths this half term we will be continuing our number work but will also be looking at 2d shapes and their properties.  We are hoping to add small numbers together and continue our counting forwards and backwards to at least 20!  Keep looking at the class page for lots of photos!



In the penultimate week before we break up for half term, the Reception children are enjoying retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs.  We are going to have a go at writing a whole class version of the book next week.  


We have been looking at ways of making a single digit number this week - we are beginning to recognise that two small numbers added together can make a larger number.  Our Ten Frames have also been used for the first time!


The children have loved making paper chains which has enhanced their fine motor skills as well as cutting paper to create their wonderful houses which are now gracing our classroom.  Lots more fun guaranteed for our last week of half term in week 7!

Some of our Activities from Week 6

What a Busy Week!


The Reception children have been super busy this week and have produced some wonderful work.  From our Houses and Homes topic, we are now busy putting the finishing touches to our own houses and these will be on show very soon.  We had a great class discussion on houses and talked about what type of houses we all live in.


In Maths this week we have been continuing our number recognition and also have been counting and matching numbers to objects.  We are able to talk about the different ways of making 3 and 4 as well as practising writing our numbers using number cards to help us.


Our English continues to look at The Three Little Pigs - we have been acting out the story and the children have been thinking of captions to match pictures from the book.  A great week's work - well done everyone!

What a Busy Week! Activities from Week 5

We love PE

The Three Little Pigs


The children have been reading the story of 'The three Little Pigs' this week and have been working hard to develop their cutting skills through cutting out story characters.


A wonderful walk around Westwood

Welcome to Reception


We have had a great but busy first week in Reception.  The children have settled brilliantly and have enjoyed lots of different activities.  We have been creating buildings out of Lego and Stickle Stars, using Numicon to count to 10 and beyond and practising our scissor and pencil control.  

Reception 2020-21