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April 2021


Rocket Launching

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Rocket Launching

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Space Club - 10/05/21 - Planets

Today at space club, the children learned a little about each of the planets in our solar system. The children learned the names of each planet, what they are made of and how big they are.

Then, the children spent some time designing planets of their own, giving them names, inhabitants, colours and writing down the materials that made them up.

We had some rather interesting planets, some made of fire, some of ice and one of rainbows.


Well done to all our junior astronomers.

Space Club - 17/05/2021

Famous faces and eating in space!


This week, space club began with our children looking at some famous faces from the world of space travel. The children were astonished to know just how long ago it was that the first men and women travelled into space and set foot on the moon. They were also amazed that there are astronauts living in space right now on the ISS.


As a follow up to looking at the ISS, the children learned about eating in space and how it might not be as easy or straightforward as you might think! The children then spent some time decorating their own space biscuits with swirling galaxies, shiny stars and sparkly planets.


As the children tucked into their creations, we spent a little time designing a meal for an astronaut.


Well done spaceboys and spacegirls.