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Well Being Wednesday

Yoga Fun in Nursery!


Each week Nursery take part in Well-Being Wednesday. The children enjoy circle times, story times and calming exercises such as Yoga.

Wellbeing in Years 1 and 2

As part of our focus on mental health and wellbeing, activities undertaken during Well Being Wednesdays have a particular focus on dealing with our emotional resilience and how to deal with problems that affect us mentally.


In our first few sessions, we have looked at being grateful for the things we have and looking on the bright side of things as opposed to focus on what we don't have or the things we feel we may be missing. Through discussions and group debates, we have been able to find silver linings in different scenarios which has taught us a lot about being mentally prepared for the situations we may face.


We have also introduced a class worry box to allow children to write down anything that may be worrying them. This can then be bought up and discussed as a group during our wellness circle time. This has been well received by the children, knowing they can have their worries discussed without fear of asking in front of their peers.


Future activities include yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.