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Year One and Two

Welcome to Year 1 and Year 2!!


Here we have lots of learning taking place, so keep a look out for new photos and videos of our hard work and performances! 


Please feel free to come into our classroom and take a look at our books and see our wonderful classroom displays. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to a member of staff. 


Mr Leary and Jackie

The Jolly Christmas Postman

This week, we have begun to look at our new book: The Jolly Christmas Postman. One of the messages the book teaches is that Christmas can be a time to forgive those that might have been a bit mean to us. With this in mind, the children have been designing cards from traditional fairy tale ‘baddies’ who want to say sorry for trying to eat / squash other characters in their stories.

The children made some great inferences of how the ‘baddies’ might feel and how they would want to right the wrongs they had caused.

Lest we forget.

Half Term 2

This half term, our topic is transport! We're going to be looking at how vehicles have changed over the last 100 years and how that has shaped the world we leave it. Has our world really gotten smaller?


We'll also be looking at the story of the naughty bus and how we can relate his little journey to a journey of our own!

PE fun in the Sun

On Tuesdays, our students enjoy their weekly Physical Education lessons. These lessons include sports and games as well as dancing. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoy working as part of a team to improve their fitness, their co-ordination and their skills.

A visit from the big bad wolf

In the first half term of the Year, the students have learned about the story of the Three Little Pigs. What better to start the topic off that with a visit from The Big Bad Wolf!


Luckily the children had built a strong enough house to keep the piggies safe in and the wolf was left disappointed. 


Our students will be looking at the way the story is laid out, and then change it to include new features that they decide on as part of the 'talk for writing' program.

A wonderful walk around Westwood

As part of our buildings topic, the children were taken on a walk around Westwood and the local area. During this walk, we played a game of 'building bingo' where the students kept their eyes out for the various buildings they had been learning about.

Half Term 1


During our first half term, we are going to be looking at buildings, both at home and in our local area.


We're also going to be linking different types of buildings into our English work, where we're looking at Fairy Tales starting with The Three Little Pigs!