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Our School Council gives our children a voice in the development of Westwood Infant and Nursery School and within the local community. Children are elected annually and the council has two representatives from Reception, Year One and Year Two. School Council meetings are held regularly, usually twice each half term with Miss Woodcock and Mrs Armstrong.

Our Wonderful School Council Members 


Wednesday 6th October 2021 Meeting

Our Wonderful School Council Members 


The views of our school council members

Friday 7th May  2021


Within our meeting today our school council members provided feedback on our Library Lodge and our book lending system we have implemented. The children commented that they "like taking the books home" and that they think the Library Lodge is "marvellous."


The children then discussed ideas for Sports Day this year. Due to parents and families being unable to gather the children made suggestions of "filming for a dvd" and also holding a sponsored event to raise money for charity.


Our after school clubs this year have been a success. The council members were asked for other suggestions for future clubs. Lots of suggestions were made for a Cookery Club, Reading Club, ICT Club and a Maths Club.


Our final point on our agenda was discussing any other business. Esme discussed the issue of sharing bikes at playtime. After much discussion it was agreed that Miss Woodcock would create a time table so that each class would have set days to have turns on the bikes and scooters.

Friday 19th March 2021 


The school council members sat and discussed the school menu options for our Summer Term. It was decided that jacket potatoes were to be removed from the menu in favour of pie. 
The members also spoke with our school cook Margie and thanked her for her cooking skills! 


Friday 22nd January 2021

Our School Council meeting was a little different this term due to lockdown. 

Our meeting was on Microsoft Teams and it was wonderful to see the children on video to discuss their likes and dislikes about Home Learning. We all agreed that we preferred having our meetings in school altogether rather than being on video. 

Thursday 10th December 2020


Our first meeting was a huge success. The school council members discussed playground improvements over a lovely cup of tea and biscuits. Each member took their own minutes and had lengthy discussions about what they would like to see in the playground. Some of their ideas were -


  • A swing set in the playground
  • A bigger climbing wall
  • Creating a cosy hut with cushions and blankets
  • Having a reading area in the cosy hut with teddies
  • A new slide
  • A tree house
  • A shop to buy snacks and toast
  • New chairs
  • Music playing outside
  • A tea machine