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Physical Education

At Westwood we encourage all pupils to be fit and healthy and take responsibility for enjoying an active lifestyle. We believe it is important to provide them with a fun and stimulating P.E. curriculum to increase their personal fitness, develop a life-long enjoyment of physical exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


From Nursery through to Year Two the children are provided with many sporting opportunities including;


Alternative sports

Each Tuesday morning the children across school participate in sporting activities with Luke. The activities include developing skills within; Archery, Fencing and Boccia. 



Reception, Year One and Year Two attend weekly swimming sessions over a twelve week period throughout each year to develop water skills and water confidence. 


Class Yoga sessions 

KS1 participate in a Yoga session each week to stimulate their mind, body and senses. This helps establish healthy habits at an early age. Yoga can also enhance children's strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self esteem. It can also reduce stress and anxiety and promote a sense of calmness. 



Our experienced Gymnastics teacher Daniel provides the opportunity for children across the school to gain their Gymnastic Winstrada award. Children develop confidence within movement and balance and thoroughly enjoy developing the skills required to achieve their award. Daniel also teaches dance along with other team games. 


Sporting games 

Each year all children across school participate in Sports Day that takes place in July. Races incorporate skills developed over the year and children work well within teams. 


After School Sports 

Each week a free PE club is available for children in Reception, Year One and Year Two to take part in with Daniel. The club promotes a love of sports and the theme is altered each half term to appeal to all children. 

If you would like your child to participate in the free sports club please speak to your child's class teacher. 

PE at Westwood